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$1 Million Policy Limit Settlement for Fall Through Rusty Railing

Our client was watering a plant outside the  front porch of his condominium unit. He leaned against the wrought iron  railing surrounding the porch and it gave way, causing him to fall to  the pavement below. He sustained a severe traumatic head injury and  broke his neck in two places. He died a few hours later.

We  brought suit on behalf of our client’s Estate and his wife against the  condominium association for failing to inspect, maintain and repair the  wrought iron railing. Over the years, the railing had rusted. The  interior of the railing posts were so severely rusted that the entire  railing broke off from the cement porch at its base when our client  leaned against it.

Following two days of mediation, we settled this matter for the condominium association’s policy limits of $1,000,000.00.

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