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$1.45 Million Awarded After Mediation and Arbitration

We represented an 11-year old boy who was  severely injured in a motor vehicle collision. The boy was a passenger  in a car being driven by his father in a southbound direction in New  Fairfield, Connecticut. At that time a car being driven northward by the  defendant hit a truck, and pushed the truck across and into the car the  boy was in. The impact drove the car into the guard rail. During the  collision, the boy’s face hit jagged metal inside the car and the left  half of his face was peeled away, with multiple fractures of his facial  bones. The boy was unconscious and bleeding heavily, and his father who  had a claim for bystander emotional distress, thought his son was dead.

The  boy underwent several operations to restore the anatomic structures of  his face and improve the impaired vision of his left eye.

After mediation we were able to obtain the total available insurance coverage of $1,250,000 for the boy.

We  then arbitrated the claim for the father’s bystander emotional  distress. The arbitrator awarded $300,000; however, the father’s claim  was limited to the remaining available insurance coverage of  $200,000.00.

Read a Connecticut Law Tribune article about this case.

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