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$2,250,000 Settlement for Motorcycle Collision

Our clients, a husband and wife, suffered severe disabling crush  injuries to their legs necessitating extensive surgeries when the  motorcycle they were driving was struck by a car turning directly into  their path. The motorcycle driver suffered severe comminuted fractures  from his ankle up to his knee. The leg fractures to his tibia and fibula  resulting in the use of an external fixator. The motorcycle passenger  suffered fractures of her hips, crush injuries to her left thigh and  calf, a torn knee ligament, a pelvic fracture as well as a fractured jaw  and teeth. Both clients underwent multiple surgeries with a long  painful recovery and rehabilitation and sustained permanent disabilities  of their left lower extremities. We prepared a video settlement  brochure that included an accident simulation as well as documentation  of their extensive surgeries, medical treatment and rehabilitation with  interviews from their health care providers. The case resolved after  mediation for $2,250,000.00.

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