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Pedestrian & Bicycle Accidents

Connecticut Bicycle and Pedestrian Injury Accidents

Contact a personal injury attorney in Bridgeport or Danbury for advice and representation if you or someone in your family was injured by a motor vehicle while walking in a crosswalk, on a sidewalk or street, or riding a bicycle. Pedestrian and bicycle accidents can result in very serious or fatal injuries, and special care must be taken to develop and present your damages claims so that no component of your loss will be overlooked.

In personal injury litigation involving bicycles or pedestrians, the likelihood of serious and disabling injuries to the brain or spinal cord means that a driver's insurance limits might be inadequate to cover the full extent of your losses. While uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage can help close the gap between the driver's insurance and the extent of your future treatment needs, we have found that people other than the driver can sometimes be held accountable so that you can recover the full extent of your damages.

In some cases, the owner of a parking lot might be liable for poor design or confusing or missing signs that expose pedestrians to an elevated risk of being hit by a car. In other cases, faulty brake repair or defective tires might support a product liability claim in addition to your case for negligence against the driver. In one case we handled, our investigation revealed that a prescription error was responsible for the driver's loss of control of his car. We look beyond the obvious in pursuit of our clients' rights to compensation. In all cases, meanwhile, we place a high premium on speedy investigation and preservation of evidence.

We represent bicyclists and pedestrians injured by inattentive motorists, drunk drivers, defective sidewalks, unsecured construction zones, and other causes. We also bring wrongful death claims on behalf of the families of persons killed while walking or riding a bike. For a free consultation about our ability to serve your needs, contact our office in Bridgeport or Danbury.

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