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Social Host & Liquor Liability

In Connecticut, bars and restaurants can be liable for selling alcohol to an intoxicated person who later injures someone because of his/her intoxication. They can be liable whether or not the intoxicated person was over the age of 21. Claims against bars and restaurants are brought pursuant to the Connecticut Dram Shop Act. Such Alcohol-related claims can be very complex. For example, in order to bring a claim under the Connecticut Dram Shop Act, written notice must be sent in a timely fashion; if not, the injured person will be forever barred from filing a lawsuit. Also, it can be difficult to ascertain the person or entity to whom the notice must be sent. Lastly, proving such claims can be very difficult and oftentimes requires expert testimony including from a toxicologist.

Additionally, party hosts and homeowners can be liable for providing alcohol to a person, including minors, who after becoming intoxicated at the function, injures another person. This is known as social host liability.

Finally, any person or entity can be liable for recklessly providing alcohol to someone who then injures another. Such a claim is known as reckless service of alcohol.

We have successfully handled alcohol-related injury and death claims. If you or a loved one were the victim of an intoxicated person, contact us at our Bridgeport or Danbury office.

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