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The 5 Deadliest Driving Habits

Many of us have bad driving habits that that we engage in and never think seriously about the risks that they pose. When driving a vehicle, any mistake can turn deadly in a matter of seconds. Stay safe on the road by avoiding these dangerous driving mistakes:

1. Speeding

This is common knowledge: speed increases the danger of collisions by increasing their impact and, therefore, the increasing the possibility of injury or death. Indeed, speed is a contributing factor in 26% of all fatal crashes. It may be tempting to travel more quickly, particularly if you are running behind schedule. However, it is not worth the chance (or inconvenience) of getting a ticket, and it certainly is not worth putting your life or anyone else's at risk. Drive at a speed appropriate for the traffic. By maintaining a slower speed, you will be much safer.

2. DUI

Almost 30 Americans are killed by drunk drivers every day—that is more than one every hour. Drunk drivers are involved in nearly one third of all fatal traffic-related accidents.

Drunk driving is dangerous and often fatal. A DUI or conviction for a drunk driving death could cost you thousands of dollars and land you in jail for an extended period of time. The best course of action is to never drive while intoxicated. Pick a designated driver, ask a friend to drive you home, or use public transportation.

3. Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

56% of fatal crashes involve aggressive driving. This includes driving recklessly, improper following, erratic lane changing or failure to observe the traffic laws.

Antagonistic driving can develop into road rage, making the situation even more dangerous as drivers race, purposefully crash into each other or taunt one another, which can lead to violence on the road. You are more likely to avoid confrontation if you focus on being a predictable and safe driver.

4. Failure to Yield Right of Way

There are many instances in which a driver must yield the right of way, whether to another vehicle, a cyclist, or a pedestrian. Failure to yield occurs when a driver disregards right-of-way laws and drives without heed for the safety of other drivers on the road. Failure to yield the right of way accounts for almost 7% of fatal accidents involving drivers and motorcycle riders. Defensive driving can keep you and others safe while on the road. Staying focused and alert can help you be a better driver.

5. Distracted Driving

Distracted driving accidents result in thousands of fatalities and nearly half a million injuries each year. Texting while driving is one example of distracted driving, but many other risky behaviors can be involved, such as eating, applying makeup, daydreaming, or having intense conversations while driving. Even tending to a child's needs while driving can be hazardous. Commit to paying attention to the roadway. Pull over if any distractions arise which requires immediate attention.

Knowing the risks of dangerous driving behaviors can help you be a more responsible motorist. Use the above tips and practice them when you’re on the road. If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else’s negligence, reach out to the dedicated personal injury attorneys at Hirsch Andrade, LLP. Call us at (203) 331-8888 or visit our website for a free consultation today.


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