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Unnecessary Surgery Causes Spinal Injury

Our client was a young man with a sore  back. He went to a doctor, and was told that he needed major back  surgery, involving removal of two of the disks in his spine, and the use  of bone grafts and pedicle screws to fuse a portion of his spine.  Because he trusted his doctor, our client underwent the operation.

The operation failed. Our client was left almost totally disabled, in great pain, and unable to work.

Making  matters worse, a review of the original x-rays showed that the doctor  had been wrong: our client had never needed the operation. Rest and  physical therapy would have healed his sore back. Instead, because of  the doctor's errors he had undergone unnecessary surgery, which had left  him crippled.

We sued the doctor, and settled the case after  trial for a substantial figure, which has permitted our client to  rebuild his life.

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