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Premises Liability

Connecticut Hazardous Property Claims

Contact a Connecticut premises liability attorney for sound advice and prompt client service in cases involving accidents caused by dangerous conditions on private or public property. Our understanding of Connecticut negligence law, together with our skill and resources for the investigation of dangerous property conditions, can make a significant difference in the eventual outcome of your personal injury claim.

Residential and commercial property owners alike are responsible for making sure that legitimate visitors, social guests, and business patrons are reasonably safe from unreasonably dangerous or hazardous conditions on property or associated with buildings, parking areas, or overhead structures. We represent persons injured in premises liability situations, such as:

  • Falls on wet or slippery floors, or in unlit stairwells or hallways

  • Cases  involving negligent supervision of young people engaged in dangerous  recreational activities, or in unlawful drinking at universities,  fraternity houses, or private parties

  • Swimming pool accidents

  • Playground injuries / Defective playground equipment

  • Accidents caused by missing or defective railings on balconies or stairways

  • Building code violations involving unsafe porches, common areas, or overcrowded conditions in bars or concert halls

  • Dangerous conditions on sidewalks, driveways, or parking areas

  • Negligent display of customer merchandise

  • Negligent storage of construction equipment or debris at building sites or remodeling zones in commercial or retail buildings

  • Criminal attacks or sexual assaults reflecting inadequate security in apartment buildings, hotels, parking garages, or other property

Our premises liability practice concentrates on the claims of clients whose injuries are severe, disabling, or fatal. If you have a claim for injuries suffered because of dangerous property conditions, contact our office in Bridgeport or Danbury.

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