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Van Driver Backs Vehicle into Road and Cuts off Motorcyclist

Our client was driving his motorcycle on Route 12 in Thompson, when the defendant backed his van onto the road, causing a crash.

Our  client slid along the pavement and suffered an avulsion fracture of his  right heel bone and a tearing away of his right heel pad. The  paramedics on the scene found no pulse in his right leg and were  concerned that his foot might have to be amputated.

Our client  underwent a long course of physical therapy to learn to use his right  foot again. He was left with a significant wound where his heel pad was  torn from his foot. He went through six months of wound dressing changes  and enzyme treatment to clean away the dead the tissue.

As a  result, our client had a chronically painful right foot and limited  ability to use it. There was a large scar and swelling. Our client was  in the floor cleaning business. He was advised that he should find a new  way to make a living.

The case resolved after arbitration.

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