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Construction Injuries

Construction Accident

If you have been injured in a construction accident or industrial equipment mishap, contact our office in Bridgeport or Danbury. Our experience with the investigation and proof of serious or fatal workplace injury claims can help you and your family recover the financial compensation that you need and deserve.

Connecticut law generally does not allow an injured employee to sue his or her employer for injuries suffered at work. A claim for workers' compensation benefits is intended to be the exclusive remedy against the employee's own company. In accidents involving the fault of another person or corporation, however, the employee can bring a third-party lawsuit for personal injury damages against a non employer defendant while a workers' comp case is pending or even paying benefits.

We can advise you about the full range of your rights to bring a third party claim in any construction injury. We act immediately to investigate the circumstances of the accident, your injuries and treatment needs, and the potential sources of compensation in accidents involving the following:

  • Falls from heights, including accidents involving scaffolds or ladders

  • Injuries resulting from being crushed or pinned by heavy equipment

  • Safety violations

  • Motor vehicle accidents

  • Burn injuries and Disabling Injuries resulting from fire, explosion, electrocution, or chemical exposure

  • Defects or malfunctions in cranes, hoists, or lifts

  • Excavation and trench accidents

  • Accidents involving falling objects

  • Careless storage of equipment, materials, or debris

In many construction accident cases, our analysis of the causes shows that poor planning in the sequence of work or the design of the site is as much a factor in the injury as the negligence of any particular subcontractor or machine operator. We also look for situations where dangerous property conditions or defective products expand the field of potential defendants who might be held accountable for the injuries or accidental death.

For a free consultation about your rights and legal options in a construction accident or any other industrial injury case, contact our office in Bridgeport or Danbury.

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