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Diagnosis Errors

Misdiagnosis - Delayed Diagnosis - Failure to Refer

If you have lost a family member to cancer or another disease or medical condition that could have been treated if properly diagnosed, contact our office in Bridgeport or Danbury. Our lawyers are experienced with the investigation and proof of medical malpractice claims of many kinds, and we can help you achieve a financial recovery for a physician's serious errors in diagnosis.

Doctors from different medical specialties can be held accountable for the failure to diagnose a wide range of health problems and life threatening conditions. An  emergency room physician  can be held liable for failing to recognize the signs of heart attack or stroke. A radiologist can be responsible to the patient or her family for missing the signs of breast cancer. A pathologist can be responsible for failing to diagnose cervical cancer. An obstetrician can be liable for birth injury damages resulting from the failure to recommend a c-section on the basis of the mother's inability to deliver a baby safely.

Physicians can be held responsible for failing to refer a patient to a proper specialist. Many successful medical malpractice claims based on misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of cancer depend on proof that the negligent physician saw or should have seen enough to trigger a duty to refer the patient to another specialist.

Whether the case at hand involves a misread lung x-ray or a failure to identify the signs of idiopathic intracranial hypertension, pseudo tumor cerebri, or aortic dissection, our lawyers work with outstanding medical professionals who practice under the standards of care binding upon the prospective  defendant physician. Together, we consider whether the fatal or disabling injuries presented in a given case can be proved to have resulted from a physician's negligent diagnosis.

If we accept your failed or delayed diagnosis claim for litigation, you can depend on us to develop and present the case carefully and persuasively. For additional information about our ability to handle your case with the skill it requires,  contact our office in Bridgeport or Danbury.

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