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Hospital Negligence

Connecticut Hospital Negligence Claims

If you or someone in your family has suffered a serious or fatal injury or health problem due to negligent treatment in a hospital, contact our office in Bridgeport or Danbury.

Not all medical negligence claims involve a physician's failure to satisfy a particular standard of professional care. Sometimes they concern a nurse's failure to check a bedridden patient for pressure sores, or a medical technician's failure to set up an IV properly. Poor administration, inadequate supervision, deficient training, sleep deprived residents, or poor communications between doctors and nurses can all lead to serious problems for the patient and a finding of liability against the hospital itself.

Examples of the serious problems and complications that can befall a victim of hospital negligence are the following:

  • Overdose or underdose of medication

  • Infection

  • Pneumonia

  • Pain management errors or problems

  • Bedsores or skin lesions

  • Failure to monitor vital signs or watch for post surgical complications

  • Complications of poor management of blood pressure, respiration, or endocrine function

In some cases, a patient's death can result from the simple failure of a nurse to follow a doctor's instructions, or from the failure of a doctor to respond promptly or effectively to a nurse's information about a change in a patient's condition.

Our lawyers have successfully tried or settled negligence cases against private, university, or community hospitals in Bridgeport, Norwalk, Danbury, Waterbury, New Haven, Stamford, and other Connecticut communities. We also represent persons with claims for negligence against nursing homes. For additional information about our ability to investigate and pursue your hospital negligence claim, contact our office in Bridgeport or Danbury.

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