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Motorcycle Accidents

Connecticut Motorcycle Accidents

The attorneys in Bridgeport and Danbury represent clients who have suffered serious injuries in motorcycle accidents. If you need advice about your rights and alternatives in the aftermath of a bike crash, contact our office in Bridgeport or Danbury.

Many motorcycle accidents result from the failure of auto drivers to yield the right of way or even to see the bike while making a lane change or turn across traffic. Another driver may be at fault for your accident even though they never physically contacted your bike. The actions of negligent or inattentive drivers frequently cause cyclists to lay their bikes down or lose control resulting in a disastrous injury that can appear to be the fault of the cyclist if the case is not investigated and pursued properly. Our skill and experience with the proof of contested facts in motorcycle accident lawsuits can help you recover the financial compensation you will need to support your recovery from an accident involving any of the following:

  • Private autos, pickup trucks, SUVs, or minivans

  • Commercial vehicles such as delivery trucks, construction trucks, buses, or courier trucks

  • Semi tractor-trailer combinations

  • Drunk drivers

Motorcycle accidents are much more dangerous and deadly than accidents involving only automobiles. Even at low speeds, the exposed and vulnerable position of the motorcyclist means that a collision can result in serious and incapacitating injuries. Our lawyers devote just as much attention to the proof of your physical injuries and needs for future treatment as we do to establishing liability against the defendant. Whether your injuries involve spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injury, amputation, or multiple fractures, we will make sure that your claim for present and future losses is fully  documented and persuasively presented.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys also represent the families of persons killed in bike accidents in wrongful death litigation under Connecticut law.

For a free consultation about your legal options in a motorcycle accident case, contact our office in Bridgeport or Danbury.

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