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5 Things To Do If Injured By A Defective Product

Although product manufacturers are legally obligated to ensure that the products they sell are safe, there are situations in which design defects, manufacturing problems, or dishonest marketing practices result in dangerous products being released to the consumer market.

If a defective product has caused you to sustained personal injuries, you can seek justice and compensation for the damages you have suffered which includes medical bills, lost wages, physical suffering, and emotional pain and suffering.

Here are five things you should do if you were injured by a defective or unsafe product:

1.   Seek Medical Help Immediately

If possible, go to the nearest hospital and get your injuries treated. Do not wait and hope your pain or symptoms will go away as this could potentially compromise your health and recovery.

Apart from receiving medical treatment, going to a hospital means that your injury is documented in medical records. This is an important step that will serve as evidence if you decide to file a product liability claim.

Once you leave the hospital, it is important to follow your doctor’s advice. Failure to do so may not only slow down your recovery but could negatively impact your personal injury case.

2.   Preserve the Product and Proof of Purchase

If possible, do not throw away the defective product and do not tamper with it.  Store it in a safe place until you talk to a lawyer. Keep any documentation, receipts, or instruction manuals that came with the product. If you still have the original packaging, preserve that as well. This can all serve as valuable evidence.

3.   Document Everything You Can

You will want to document everything you can about the product, including how and when it was sold to you, its cost, how you used it, how it failed, and more. If applicable, include photos and videos of any injuries caused by the defective product.

Your lawyer can help you acquire a copy of your medical records from the hospital or doctors who treated you after your incident. These documents will also be helpful when filing a product liability claim and may help bolster your case if it goes to court.

4.   Steer Clear Of Social Media

If you have been injured by a defective product and are seeking compensation, it is best to stay away from social media since it has the potential to jeopardize your personal injury case. You should also avoid posting anything that could be considered slanderous or libelous.

Under the Connecticut Product Liability Act, consumers generally have the right to sue the manufacturer for defective products within three (3) years of the date of injury. Because the law requires that defective product cases be filed within these strict time limits, you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as you suspect that you have been injured by a defective or unsafe product.  Hirsch Andrade LLP is a dedicated personal injury law firm with decades of  experience handling personal injury and wrongful death claims. For a free consultation, call us at (203) 331-8888 or visit our website.


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